5 HP or 15 HP Reciprocating Package

Our packaged 5 hp and 15 hp compressors are designed for most climates and weather conditions. Customers benefit from high efficiency, reliable equipment with simple and fast maintenance. These compressors replace instrument gas with clean, dry air used to operate pneumatic valves and controls allowing more efficient and emissions friendly production. Our packages are helping operators comply with the Federal Clean Air Act regulations by displacing the potential for fugitive emissions through the supply of clean air to pneumatic valves and controls. The packages are significantly reducing down time in colder climates due to freezing issues when using gas to operate equipment. We provide packages for the well head, gathering, gas plants and other areas throughout the oil and gas pipeline network.
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Duplex Reciprocating Package

Similar to the 5 and 15 hp packages, our Duplex Reciprocating Package utilizes the same reciprocating compressor, but has redundant compressors mounted on a single tank. This allows more flow and prevents downtime. These packages have fully integrated electrical and HVAC systems to keep the building temperature adequate throughout the year.

5 HP Rotary Scroll Package

For lower demand requirements in cold weather climates, these enclosed 5 hp free scroll compressor packages are ideal for sending clean oil with minimal maintenance. The package comes with an integrated dryer to meet the dew point requirements of most plants.

Our packages are fabricated using simple and non complex methods of assembly to allow the end user ease of maintenance and accessibility.

uec equipment

Custom Packages

UEC specializes in custom, skidded, integrated instrument air packages. These can feature lubricated or oil-free compressed air and meet a variety of air quality requirements. Whether you need starting air, instrument air or compression requiring enclosures for weather protection or noise abatement, we can meet your needs. Simply set the skid on site and make your power and air edge-of-skid connections.

We partner with industry leaders in air compression and treatment like Gardner Denver and Kobelco for our custom design and packaging and provide creative solutions for your most demanding services.

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