Vapor Recovery

In a world of increasing emissions regulations, capturing excess vapor has never been more important. UEC has the technology and expertise to provide a solution for all of your vapor recovery needs.

Ro-Flo rotary vane compressors can handle even the dirtiest gas compositions, including sour, wet and acidic applications. Frick and Howden rotary screws are the perfect match for your low pressure, high flow needs. And Ariel reciprocating compressors have the flexibility to meet almost any need.

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Specialty Gas

UEC is an Ariel Preferred Packager and has the capability to meet all of your specialty compression needs. As one of the only packagers located in the US approved for Petroleum Refining Chemical (PRC) applications, we can leverage Ariel’s entire line of process compressors for you.

From LNG, Storage/Withdrawal and Propane Refrigeration to Hydrogen, H2S, CO2 Acid Gas and Refinery processes, UEC can meet nearly any specification.

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