Fuel Gas Booster

UEC is a market leader in custom fuel gas booster packages. Depending on the application, we utilize both reciprocating and rotary compressors in our design to match operating conditions and maximize efficiency. Where noise and environmental issues are a concern, we offer custom enclosure builds for quieter and weather-proof operations.

Our team has successfully worked with all of the major combustion turbine OEMs and EPCs to design highly reliable and cost effective solutions for both small and large scale applications. Based on our extensive experience, we understand the needs of different project types and are adept at seamlessly integrating with the design, construction, start-up and operating phases of a project.

Typical 200hp Fuel Gas Booster with skid mounted Sound Enclosure and Roof mounted Intake & Exhaust Vents
uec equipment

Gas Conditioning

Most applications require some form of gas conditioning upstream of the critical process. Gas conditioning involves removing solids and liquids from the gas stream and adjusting the gas temperature to be suitable for the downstream process.

UEC partners with industry leading filter manufacturers to ensure all liquid and solid contaminants are removed upstream, preventing process disruptions and damage to critical equipment. Our decades of experience, design expertise and collaboration with customers and industry partners ensure that your UEC gas conditioning skid will deliver reliable service for the lifetime of your project.

Pressure Regulation

Pressure regulation is a key requirement for safe and reliable operations in power generation and utility applications. Whether your plant is simple cycle, combined cycle or combined heat and power, UEC’s team has the knowledge and experience to build a product that will meet your precise requirements.

UEC’s integrated approach to product application and system design ensures that all of your gas supply and conditioning needs will be met with a design that is reliable, cost effective and serviceable for years to come.

Regulating Skid
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