Reciprocating Packages

UEC is a leader in innovative and custom built reciprocating packages to meet any air needs. Our packages can be designed to fit in an existing build or come complete with its own build for all weather applications. Reciprocating packages are perfect for your lower flow applications and can be very inexpensive to maintain and operate.

Our team works with all end users to help create solutions that fit the exact needs of our customers. We also have pre-engineered designs that can be built and implemented into your application in a very short time. Our service team can help with installation and preventative maintenance for the lifetime of the package.

GD equipment
uec equipment

Rotary Compressor Packages

UEC offers a wide variety of rotary compressors. We can design around oil-flooded and oil-less compressor packages from Gardner Denver and Kobelco and ensure a design that meets any air quality standards required for an application. These rotary compressors have very high flow potential with continuous run capability.

Our engineering and sales team can help design around any number of parameters including cold weather applications with or without buildings as well as efficiency requirements to meet almost everyone’s needs.

PD Blower Packages

Low pressure PD blowers serve a number of industries including: pneumatic conveying, wastewater treatment, cement, food, milling, paper, plastics, mining and power generation. Our wide range of positive displacement (PD) blowers from Gardner Denver address even the strictest application requirements.

UEC can provide a custom solution for your air or other gas application needs. We also offer off-the-shelf options that are available for quick delivery. All of our solutions are designed with quality and longevity in mind to keep your plant operational for years to come.

cf blower

Centrifugal Blower Packages

Centrifugal blowers are ideal for turbine combustion air, wastewater, petrochemical, paper, vacuum and landfill back purge applications.

UEC can package a blower with any drive and system requirements you need. The packages can be designed as plug and play to fit in any area of your new or existing plant. This reduces install time and streamlines the build process for any project.

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