Air Equipment - Oil-Free Rotary Screw

GD EnviroAire T, GD Enviroaire TVS, GD EnviroAire VS

Gardner Denver oil-free compressors are helping industries across the globe meet and exceed quality and production objectives in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronic, healthcare and power generation applications among others.

Air purity is critical for many applications where even the smallest drop of oil can cause product spoilage or damage production equipment. Depending on the application, one specific compressed air technology might provide advantages over another technology. Gardner Denver gives you the flexibility of several different oil-free/oil-less technologies to match your requirements.

EnviroAire T/TVS

Gardner Denver EnviroAire T/TVS Series Compressors utilize state-of-the-art design and manufacturing to ensure very tight tolerances thereby increasing efficiency. In addition, the rotors and housing are covered with a unique hard coating that ensures long lasting performance. This combination results in little or no performance decay even after 40,000 hours of operation, saving thousands in utility expenses.

EnviroAire VS

The unique design of the EnviroAire VS achieves lower speeds combined with lower operating temperatures—both resulting in higher efficiency and reduced component wear. By using a single-stage, direct-drive motor without gears or belts this compressor maximizes efficiency. Limiting the compressed air to the application demand with variable speed ensures that flow is matched to demand, minimizing energy consumption.

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