Air Equipment - High Pressure Booster

Bellis & Morcom, Reavell

What is High Pressure?

High pressure reciprocating compressors are designed to deliver discharge pressures up to 6,000 psig and flows from 3 to 1,850 scfm. Gardner Denver has become a leading supplier of premium high pressure reciprocating compressors by positioning Belliss & Morcom and Reavell products into high pressure industries across the globe. Whether you need oil-free or oil-lubricated compression, we have the products to satisfy your high pressure needs.

Belliss & Morcom

Belliss & Morcom oil-free reciprocating compressors offer the VH and WH Series which provide reliable operation, low installation costs, exceptional performance and low power consumption. The VH Series delivers 290 to 650 psig and flows from 247 to 825 scfm and the WH Series delivers 290 to 650 psig and flows from 951 to 1,850 scfm.


Reavell oil-lubricated reciprocating compressors offer the 5200, 5300 and 5400 Series which provide a compact design to limit installation costs, convenient serviceability, low vibration and noise levels and numerous cylinder configurations to fit your application needs. The 5200 Series delivers 145 to 725 psig and flows from 3 to 171 scfm, the 5300 Series delivers 580 to 1,233 psig and flows from 20 to 91 scfm and the 5400 Series delivers 36 to 6,000 psig and flows from 3 to 941 scfm.
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