How do we get in contact with you for new equipment quotes, parts or service?
Please visit our Contact Us page for more information.

Do you have a fully staffed Service group?
Yes, we maintain a fleet of service vehicles staffed by factory trained service technicians.

Can you offer Service or Parts on other manufacturer’s equipment?
Yes, we’re frequently called on to service other makes of both air and gas compressors and are ready to assist you.

Do you build standard equipment or can you build the equipment to my company’s unique set of specifications?
We do offer a wide variety of standard products in our air compression line. But our added strength lies in the ability to also provide custom designed complete air compression packages/systems with all auxiliary equipment. For gas compression, our primary focus is on custom compressor packaging, skid mounted and tailored exactly to your specific and special project needs. We’re ready to assist on projects where highly detailed specifications exist.

Do you maintain a formal Safety program?
Yes, safety is of the utmost importance to our company. Please visit our Safety page to learn more.

Do you have any special Certifications?
Our shop is certified as an ASME Section VIII Pressure Vessel Manufacturing “U” stamp facility (since 1995), NBIC Pressure Vessel Repair “R” stamp facility and maintains certifications to American Welding Society standards with a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) on staff.

Do you have an established Quality Control program?
Yes, UECompression has a Quality Control department, QC Manager and an established QC Procedure Manual in place. We have formal, written, in-house procedures for all portions of the fabrication process along with requirements for inspections, deviations, repairs and testing.

Do you do your own Engineering & Design?
Yes, UECompression maintains fully staffed in-house Project Engineering and Design Groups.

What shipping methods do you typically employ?
All shipments are via truck. Large shipments are by heavy haul specialty trucking firms with custom trailers and may include route surveys and pilot cars.

We’d like to visit your facility. How can that be arranged?
We welcome and encourage visitors and would be happy to tour our facility with you. Please visit the Contact Us page and contact the appropriate (Air or Gas) representative for your area of interest.

Is there a particular geographic region that you cover?
For our Gardner Denver air compression line, we are Authorized Distributors for Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and portions of North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. For custom instrument air compression packages we are not regionally limited. For gas compression packages, we ship throughout North, Central and South America with overseas shipments as well.